Thursday, July 23, 2009

HELMET & SCENEFOUR: Creation Day 2

Helmet frontman Page Hamilton was in the downtown Los Angeles SceneFour office today. Page came in to review elements and ideas for the upcoming series of 100 paintings he's putting together with SceneFour for the Legacy of Ten which will be debuting before year's end.

The process of creating art collections can be pretty intense for an individual, but doing it in collaboration is a whole other ball of wax. It can be an experience that doesn't begin with art, but instead with establishing a repoire and an understanding of where everyone is coming from visually, artistically, and theoretically. It's necessary to vibe and dig with those that you are going to be vulnerable with artistically.

Case in point, Helmet's Page Hamilton who Cory and Ravi have courted for some time to get involved in a project together.

It's no surprise that the SceneFour boys wanted to work with Page from onset of Legacy of Ten. His music is superb as is his reputation as an innovative guitar player. But what I witnessed today, as the boys sat with Page reviewing imagery, books, and photos was three "guys" looking to understand each other before they started to throw ideas around. Yes, they talked about the upcoming canvas series, but mostly they talked about life continually finding common ground that will be utilized as the design and art begins.

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