Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A personal tribute to fans, Angelo Moore marks 30 years with 100 canvases. Los Angeles, CA – After 30 years of making music, Fishbone’s lead singer is paying homage to his fans in a highly personalized way, through the creation of massive fine art. Moore’s art premiere is ambitious, 100 gigantic original contemporary canvases, a recreation of The Last Supper, featuring the singer portraying all 13 figures in the pieces. The concept behind bringing iconic musicians to the fine art world comes from notorious creativity house SceneFour ( Located in downtown Los Angeles, SceneFour has spent the better part of five years splitting time between providing conceptual and design for an impressive roster of A-list companies like Al Gore’s Current TV, MTV-U, and even the Game Show Network along with projects for Nine Inch Nails, The Metric, Sigur Ros, the Pixies and Beck. SceneFour began the “musician-turned-fine artist” project focused on inviting accomplished guitar players to create with them. Hence, to launch the series, the company worked with longtime client heavy metal guitar icon George Lynch on a series of large canvases. Lynch’s series quickly found an audience and all 100 pieces that were available were reserved in weeks. Quickly, the vision moved beyond guitar players, as SceneFour invited rock figures with intriguing personalities to create. As for Moore’s art series, the project serves as a unique tribute to his fan base around the world with each piece containing original elements to insure one-of-a-kind status. 100 in the total collection are currently available at
For more information on The Legacy of Ten fine art series, contact SceneFour at 213-742-9862.

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