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Helmet Leader Page Hamilton Releases 200 Original Canvases
Exploring The Band’s Two Decades In Rock

Los Angeles, CA—Over the last 20 years, Helmet has blazed an explosive musical path finding an audience in every corner of the world and influencing an impressive swell of bands in their wake. To mark the band’s 20th year in music, Helmet lead singer and guitarist Page Hamilton began a project unlike any he’d done before, exploring and revealing the origin of Helmet’s sound and lyrics through visual art. His exploration resulted in; “Close to Home”— 200 original canvases inspired by the music of Helmet.

Giving music and art lovers alike a unique opportunity to creatively explore the band’s journey, the backdrop of each canvas in the series is a graphic art collage by Hamilton symbolizing the American landscape that resulted in the Helmet sound. With each of the 200 drafts, Hamilton is personally augmenting each piece with the addition of lyrics from the entire Helmet catalog, as well as adding artistic embellishments to make each a mixed media contemporary art piece. The result is a collection of 200 one-of-a-kind canvases, all measuring 40” x 30,” and available exclusively at

The process of creation is a rather lengthy one for Hamilton. The entire project is set to take ten months to complete. With the “Close to Home” landscape gicléed onto 200 canvases, Hamilton is embarking on the augmenting process methodically incorporating elements like acrylics, spray paints, stencils, and found objects to the canvases in the series to make each unique and a visual interpretation of an individual song per piece.

To produce the project, Hamilton worked with notorious Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour and their Legacy of Ten division. SceneFour assisted in the art direction and project management of the “Close to Home” undertaking. SceneFour’s Creative Director Cory Danziger comments, “Page wanted to do something exceptional, and he nailed it with the art series…a masterful vision from a music visionary.” As for the motivation by the Helmet leader to start the project, Hamilton states, “When my 7th grade art teacher Mrs. Smith made me destroy my clay bust of Einstein as punishment for throwing balls of clay in the classroom, my art career came to an abrupt halt. Now that I’m at an 8th grade art level I’ve decided to resume it. Close to Home is the result.”

To reserve a canvas in the Helmet “Close to Home” project, visit or contact SceneFour directly at 213-742-9862. For public relations inquiries about the project, contact publicist Sherise Bright of Bright Karma Media Relations at 323-868-6932 or

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